CAT Legend BPX Pre amplifier


CAT SL 1 Legend pre-amplifier – Black Path Extreme

The NEW SL1 Legend BPX takes an uncompromising approach further to the product with which Ken Stevens literally started the company, the SL1 preamp. (Now in its Renaissance version). The two use essentially the same circuit, but in the case of the Legend that circuit is taken to the extreme — it’s a cost-no-object implementation. On the outside, the two look nearly identical, but there are a couple of notable differences. Chief among these is the use of dual volume controls in the Legend instead of separate volume and balance. 

Both preamps use stepped volume controls, essentially a set of resistors for each setting, but the Legend’s 46-position shunt volume controls are more costly than those used for the standard SL1, whose fewer positions cause issues for some owners, as the perfect volume setting can sometimes lie between two “clicks.” Not with the Legend; 46 positions should be enough for even the pickiest listeners.

With the BPX new version Black Path capacitors are used not only in the audio path but also in the power supply.


Gain (@1kHz): Line 25.8 dB (“high”) / 15.2 dB (“low”), Phono 47dB MM / 58 dB MC (low) / 64dB MC (high)

Gain Tracking: Line .05dB, Phono .05dB
Frequency Response: Line 0.1Hz to 1.5 MHz+0, -3dB

Phono RIAA +/- 0.05dB 20Hz to 20kHz (MC & MM) Harmonic Distortion (@ 1 volt): Line less than .0001%

Phono less than .0005%
Slew Rate: Line 15 volts/microsec, Phono 10 volts/microsec Maximum Output (@1kHz): Line & phono 50 volts rms Input Overload: Line 1000 volts rms

Phono MM 250 mv rms at 1kHz, MC 70 mv rms
Noise: Line High 98 dBA, Low 109 dBA below2 volt output

Phono MM 99 dBA below 10 mv input
MC(low) 110 dBA, MC high 116 dbA below 10mv input

Separation: Line greater than 100 dB Phono greater than 100 dB Input Impedance: Line 50 kohms, 20pf

Phono 47.5 kohms, 180 pf (user adjustable)

MC low 8 ,000 ohms, MC high 2,000 ohms Output Impedance: Line 100 ohms, Phono 50 ohms Maximum Load: Line under 4000 pf, over 5000 ohms

Phono under 4000 pf, over 10,000 ohms Dimensions: Main Chassis – 19.0” X 5.24” X 12.2”

Power Supply – 12,2” X 4.0” X 6.0” Weight: Net 80 lbs., Ship 85 lbs.

Power Requirements: 120v, 60Hz, 80 watts (export version available)

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