CAT Renaissance Pre amplifier


The SL1 Renaissance BPA

Convergent Audio Technology introduces the SL1 BPA Black Path Audio Edition.

2 Black path capacitors are now used in both the line and phono stage PLUS the larger output coupling stage.

CAT’s philosophy is to design their products to neither add to, nor detract from, the music. They never attempt to cover up a design problem with another problem, nor do they try to introduce a supposedly complementary problem to “synergise” with it. Two wrongs do not make a right. Only the eradication of the problem is correct.

The SL1 Renaissance is the product of relentless refinement to the original SL1 introduced in 1985. They have identified and eliminated every electronic artefact. This preamplifier is designed to allow superior systems to reach their fullest potential.

Power Supply

  •  External power supply chassis contains the transformer’s magnetic field eliminating it as a source of hum.
  •  Rectification, initial regulation, and noise filtering are all performed in the EPS thereby delivering pure quiet DC power into the main chassis eliminating the grain and dryness associated with noise intermodulation.
  •  Slow filament power-up extends tube life greatly.
  •  Quadruple cascaded audio power supply combines 22 zero- feedback regulators with over 30 energy storage and bypass capacitors for unequaled dynamic life, soundstage precisionand musicality.
  •  Isolation transformer eliminates entry of radio frequency noise through the AC power line yielding greater benefits than any of the expensive add-on power line conditioners without any of their sonic shortcomings.
  • Circuitry
  •  Pure vacuum tube circuitry for vibrant and natural music.
  •  Extraordinarily quiet high gain phono amp accommodatesboth high and low output cartridges.
  •  Fastest tube preamplifier, without any of the high frequencycircuit-induced edginess which slower preamps frequently substitute for real speed. This speed is maintained even into long runs of cable.
  •  Lowest open loop distortion of any preamp yields unforced detail and resolution as no other preamp can.
  •  Low feedback ratio eliminates the aggressiveness of high feedback designs and yet still maintains correct focus.
  •  Matched output impedance snubs reflections on interconnects quickly, yielding exquisitely lucid midrange and treble.
  • Chassis
  •  Very strong steel chassis with anti-RFI plating ensures hum and RF free operating environment for the circuits.
  •  Damping material lines both chassis to stop mechanical resonances which would otherwise modulate the electric fields in the preamp.
  •  Mechanical isolation from floor vibrations provided by high loss viscoelastic feet.
  • Quality

    •  Exotic low loss circuit board material combines the transparency of hard wiring with the low resonant signature and musicality of a circuit board.
    •  Amazing new high technology BLACK PATH capacitors used for the critical inter-stage coupling.
    •  Balance and volume controls are military grade rotary switches with solid silver contacts wired with precision resistors.
    •  CAT designed MC transformer is the flattest, fastest, cleanest transformer ever made, regardless of price.
    •  The best sounding precision resistors are used everywhere for the best resolution and minimum unit to unit variability,
    •  CAT coupling capacitors are made to our specifications and are better than any other audiophile grade capacitor.
    •  Premium CAT audio wire used throughout.
    •  Rhodium/Gold jacks for superior connection.Convenience
    •  Front panel muting switch.
    •  Internal high/low line stage gain switch allows gainoptimisation for all systems.
    •  Automatic mute at turn on and turn off.
    •  Record/Normal front panel taping switch
    •  Extra set of main output jacks for A/V and special setups.
    •  Load jack allows changing MC cartridge loading whilelistening to music.
    •  Optional balanced inputs and outputs


Gain (@1kHz): Line 25.8 dB (“high”) / 15.2 dB (“low”), Phono 47dB MM / 58 dB MC

Gain Tracking: Line .05dB, Phono .05dB
Frequency Response: Line 0.1Hz to 800kHz+0, -3dB, Phono RIAA +/- 0.1dB 20Hz to 20kHz (MC & MM)

Harmonic Distortion: (@ 1 volt): Line less than .0005%, Phono less than .001%
Slew Rate: Line 15 volts/microsec, Phono 10 volts/microsec

Maximum Output: (@1kHz): Line & phono 50 volts rms.

Input Overload: Line 1000 volts rms, Phono MM 250 mv rms at 1kHz, MC 70 mv rms
Noise: Line High 98 dBA, Low 109 dBA below2 volt output, Phono MM 97 dBA below 10 mv input, MC 107 dBA.

Separation: Line greater than 90 dB, Phono greater than 90 dB.

Input Impedance: Line 50 kohms, 20pf,

MM Phono 47.5 kohms, 180 pf

MC Phono 4K ohms (User adjustable)

Output Impedance: Line 100 ohms, Phono 50 ohms

Maximum Load: Line under 4000 pf, over 5000 ohms

Phono under 4000 pf, over 10,000 ohms

Dimensions: Main Chassis – 19.0” X 5.24” X 12.2”

Power Supply – 12,2” X 4.0” X 6.0”

Weight: Net 64 lbs., Ship 70 lbs.
Power Requirements: 120v, 60Hz, 80 watts (export version available)

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