Acapella La Campanella 2


Acapella La Campanella 2

The dream of a loudspeaker designer is a single acoustic transducer capable of reproducing the deepest bass together with all the intricate and delicate highs, with the softest of rhythms yet at the same time having exceedingly wide dynamics. All the music being reproduced by a single speaker driver.

The nearest approach towards this ideal is a 2-way system with the separation as wide as possible of the frequency ranges.

Since the most sensitive area of the human hearing is between 1 kHz and 4 kHz together with all overtones of this frequency range, the build up of transients, sound pressure occurring under 1 kHz should also be integrated into the hearing area of the overtones from a single point source with a mass as low as possible of the membrane. Ideal would be an “exact phase point spotlight”.

Acapella has designed and engineered a new hyper spherical Horn shape with a single point source for high frequencies increasing from three to five Octaves, from 700 Hz to over 20 kHz. The newly designed horn fulfils the expectations demanded by the engineer achieving a natural output level over a wide frequency range.

The achieved result is a dynamic and musical loudspeaker with a high level of clarity and speed, compatible with best of live music.


Technical data

Efficiency 93 dB / W / m
Impedance 8 Ohm
Load capacity 100 W – 1000 W / 10 ms
Dimensions H x W x D Body 1300 x 260 x 530 mm
Total (Horn) 1450 x 450 x 610 mm
Weight approx. 85 kg
Recommended power output of the amplifier from 15 W


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