Shun Mook Mpingo Disk


Mpingo Disc
The Mpingo Disc was invented by the Shun Mook team. It is made from a combination of Gaboon and Mpingo Ebony, treated with a proprietary process that gives the disc a unique property to regulate the resonance of any sonic component and its transmission. Yet this is a very simple item to use. Just place one to three disc on top of your preamp, CD transport, DA converter, turntable etc, and listen for the wonderful change in your Hi fi system. When this disc is excited by any external acoustic energy, it will resonate throughout the entire audible spectrum, thus overriding unwanted harmonic distortions and at the same enriching the musical reproduction. 

Shun Mook Mpingo Disc

Whenever the frequency of some external source closely matches a natural mode on which it acts, this results in resonance. Each natural mode simply has its own resonance response, peaked at its own characteristic frequency.

The combination of natural woods of their MD which flattens the resonance peaks results in neutralisation and is really impressive. The inlaid structure of two different woods with specific grain orientation of MD which controls the direction of sound forwarding which is another useful feature for room acoustics.

More than anything else, MD has a function of pseudo acoustic diffuser which is very useful in improving the diffusivity of a hall where conventional acoustic diffusers are limited due to installation problems.

MD directly integrates the function of nonlinear acoustic characteristics  into any materials of walls, ceiling and floor, even the  sound sources like speaker system.


Dia: 45mm, H: 12mm