Shun Mook Concert Hall Resonators


AR (Acoustic Resonator)

The travelling wave originating from the sound source generates standing wave between the surrounding walls. These standing waves impede the uniformity of the frequency response in the room and influences decay of sound.

Since AR has carefully designed Helmholtz resonators whose resonant frequencies overlap enough, the sound of all frequencies is similarly enhanced so that the AR responds well any frequencies to the sound source.

AR consists of 3-5 different resonant cavities and opening holes, which flattens the room resonance up to 6 octave bands by the smooth resonance characteristics. Each chamber has its own resonant spectrum which is determined mainly by the cavity volume and the size of opening hole.

To get the maximum smoothness of AR’s resonance, the body of AR is composed of a number of different woods which have their own spectral resonance characteristics.  In addition, a number of MDs are installed on the front panel of each chamber which function as a booster of the incoming sound, result in enhancing the efficiency of AR.


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