Music Tools Gran Coro


Gran Coro System shelves designed with square steel body structure and rear panel to allow and hide cables. This model is available in three different wide dimensions: Coro of 58 cm for audio systems, GranCoro of 96 cm and GranCoro115 of 115 cm for audio and video systems.
The assembly is designed for the adjustment of middle shelves in different heights, to set them on three, four or five shelves.

  • welded steel structure
  • stove finished with soundproofing paint in bright grey color
  • adjustable plated brass spikes to the floor (available wheels on request)
  • load capacity each shelf max 90 Kg
  • tempered glass shelves thickness of 10 mm

All models Alica and Coro \ Gran-coro are supplied with adjustable spikes to the floor. Are available, if request, wheels silver colour designed with maximum recommended load of 922 lbs (450 Kg).


Single ended Topology: Class A1 (12TAA7 KT88)

Maximum output power :  (No Clipping)

100W RMS at 1KHz, 8 ohms (KT88)

130W RMS at 1kHz , 8 ohms (KT120) optional.

Frequency Response:  15Hz to 90KHz

Signal to Noise ratio: > 100dB (A-weighted) ref 100W

Gain: 23 dB

Input Impedance: 100K ohms

Input voltage:  110V, 127V, 220V, 240V

Dimensions: 30.5cm x 55cm x 60.5cm (W x H x D)

Front finishes in Black or natural anodised aluminum


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