Audiopax Arpeggione


Called “Luthier” (a word derived from the French “luth” – lute) – a professional who builds stringed instruments (such as violins, violas, cellos, guitars, lutes and mandolins) The story gave them great artists in this area, where the technique of conjunction and care in building associated with a rare musical sensitivity were always their advantage.

The Audiopax is internationally recognised for its amplifiers and pre-amplifiers but few know that the speakers were the first audio devices developed by their founder Eduardo de Lima and his deep knowledge in this field has led to the revolutionary theories about the interaction between amplifiers and speakers, something later “translated” in all their equipment by Timbre Lock® – a unique feature. Much of their participation in international shows was made with boxes manufactured by them and in all these cases their rooms were considered one of the best (sometimes the best) of these events.

The Audiopax is proud to be associated with the construction of its new line of speakers with all their knowledge and background in engineering combined with the art of renowned luthiers, now exclusively dedicated to this challenge – providing tools for sound reproduction.

The result is readily apparent, not only for the stunning and unprecedented finish,  paralleled only in the construction of the best musical instruments, together with the listening experience, results in the choice of the best components without compromise.

Extension, dynamics, timbre and musicality surrounded by a breathtaking finish. Musical instruments that completely disappear at the time of hearing, recreating with complete accuracy the original musical event.


The development of Luthier Line

It is called “luthier” – a word derived from the French luth (lute) – any craftsman who builds stringed instruments (such as violins, violas, cellos, guitars, mandolins and lutes). The story gave us great artists in that area, where the combination of skill and care in construction with a rare musical sensibility was always his differential. AUDIOPAX is proud to have associated in the making of its new line of speakers all his knowledge and background in engineering with the art of renowned luthiers, now exclusively dedicated to a new challenge – to create instruments for sound reproduction. The result is readily apparent, not only by the stunning and unprecedented finish, with only a parallel at the construction of the finest musical instruments, but also as the resulting sound.All projects Audiopax are based on a seemingly simple concept but entirely affects their implementations: we believe that one of the most important parameters of sound reproduction is the control of variations of the distortion function of frequency, power and impedance . In addition to being a unique concept – we know of no other company in the market that make it their basic development reference – is also as solid conceptually that can be applied to our entire product line. That way we can, for example, pursue this goal through innovative valve circuits or the speakers construction with mechanical properties, electrical and magnetic specifically designed for this purpose.

The speakers Mandolin and Arpeggione are born this basic concept and it was pursued especially in acoustic settings, the crossover design and the choice and the construction of the drivers used to develop a speaker High efficiency and low coloring, both quickly and music. It should also be an easy adaptation box at any electronics and capable of displaying musicality and nuances of a frighteningly real way.

The first challenge was related to the building: how to get the acoustic design minimal mechanical interference in the drivers depending on the power and frequency of the applied signal? Apparently the answer to this question led to a model almost impossible construction: complete absence of parallels and linear behavior of resonances within certain bands (driver the driver variables).

We understand that we win this challenge with choosing the perfect professional for this task: Renato Lira, one luthier with 25 years of experience in the construction of acoustic and electric musical instruments. Together with the entire project team Audiopax he designed a visually innovative design that meets all the established noise requirements and that, despite maintaining processes with very difficult implementations, can be made possible within the premises of the true art “luthiery” : each box is always done by hand, just like the best musical instruments. The chosen format and details and interior asymmetries are directly responsible, together with the alignment Thielle / Small modified employee, control and clarity of bass and the absolutely consistent transition between all tracks.

Also the drivers were chosen, modified and built to meet the control concept index frequency distortion variations, power and impedance, which is affected by the mechanical properties, electrical and magnetic properties of each unit. It’s a set of decisions which committed relationships are always needed and often different paths are taken for each driver. For the tweeter chosen a Scan Speak Ring Radiator, who with his patented membrane format silk proved to be the better and more balanced for this application.

The average units were made according to each box using assumptions: for Mandolin used as a basis one of the rare examples of drivers made without mechanical compensation for distortion (something that escapes the natural behavior we want), adding to it first steps of handmade modifications within our laboratories. For the Arpeggione selected the best ceramic drivers of the market, something carefully married to the design and use of this box. Bass units, in both cases, are also based on modified commercial drivers according to our specifications by the manufacturer that created thus an exclusive series for Audiopax.

The choice of drivers with unusual characteristics (always related to the initial objective cited) also allowed the use of crossovers series / parallel, a topology rarely used in speakers to be extremely critical of the quality of material used. Over a year was spent on the project and the definition of parts used in crossovers. All coils are built by own Audiopax according to a unique technology patented by NuCore (from a use of chord between companies) and the capacitors are developed exclusively for the Audiopax the known audio market company high-end Jupiter Condensers, who worked closely with our engineers for two years to achieve our design assumptions.

All this care resulted in the creation of the most exclusive (and expensive) crossovers already made, perfectly synergistic with the innovative acoustic design and the selected drivers.


Power Handling

Mandolin: 10W – 150W

Arpeggione: 5 W – 200W

Frequency response

Mandolin: 35Hz – 40KHz (+/-3 dB)

Arpeggione: 28Hz – 40KHz(+/-3 dB)


Mandolin: 90dB / 2,83V / 1m

Arpeggione: 92 dB / 2,83V / 1m


Mandolin:Nominal: 8 ohms/ Minimum : 7 ohms

Arpeggione:Nominal: 8 ohms/Minimum : 6 ohms

Dimension (W/H/D)

Mandolin: 114 x 30 x 43

Arpeggione: 140 x 45 x 59


Mandolin: 32kg

Arpeggione: 60kg


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