AUDIOPAX Maggiore M 100 Mono-block Amplifiers


AUDIOPAX has been in the high end market for almost 20 years and achieved a global recognition as one of the most innovative and successful brands. This has been due the phenomenal reception of two products: the Model 5 preamplifier and the Model 88 amplifier. Both of them having a long history of spectacular reviews, awards and “Best of the Show” from the main reviewers of specialised magazines/sites. Since these products have had so much acclaim, there was a great challenge to create even better products: a reference line that could attain a similar reception from the market.


The first product from this new line was presented in 2011 at the Munich High End Show – an amazing 100W tube amplifier working in pure Class A1. They named this new product line “Maggiore”, a term that has not only a strong correlation with the concept of a reference (above all other products) but also with their musical roots – being a musical term that designates a major tonality. Although presented at that time in a prototype format, the Maggiore M100 amplifier demonstrated results which were 100% correlated with their original intentions and their room was considered as one of the best of the show from several specialised sites – and as “The Best” from certain sites. The 6Moons’ review of that year defined it as the perfect balance between the “tube” and “solid-state” worlds, achieving the best of both technologies.

So their dream is now a reality:
AUDIOPAX has created the first and only single ended class A1 tube amplifier with power up to 130W. And the same technology that has allowed this advance has also produced a amplifier with the greatest distortion spectrum control, which remains at constant levels independently of variations in power, frequency, or impedance of the speakers.
The result is a totally new musical experience is the only way to describe the magical delicate sound of the single-ended topology with all the power and control only found at the best solid state amplifiers.

Ever since the first prototype debut in 2011 at the largest High End show in Munich, the Maggiore M100 has earned praise as something new and entirely different from anything that had ever been heard before.

In the article published together with the first review of the Maggiore M100, Eduardo de Lima explains that the most significant thing about this new innovation from AUDIOPAX is that it represents the realisation of a long-held dream of all music lovers.


Single ended Topology: Class A1 (12TAA7 KT88)

Maximum output power :  (No Clipping)

100W RMS at 1KHz, 8 ohms (KT88)

130W RMS at 1kHz , 8 ohms (KT120) optional.

Frequency Response:  15Hz to 90KHz

Signal to Noise ratio: > 100dB (A-weighted) ref 100W

Gain: 23 dB

Input Impedance: 100K ohms

Input voltage:  110V, 127V, 220V, 240V

Dimensions: 30.5cm x 55cm x 60.5cm (W x H x D)

Front finishes in Black or natural anodised aluminum


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