Acapella La Musika


LaMusika Integrated Amplifier

Hybrid Amplifier

  • –  Voltage amplification with Valve, E 182 CC
  • –  Power MOS FET output stage, Zero feedback
  • –  Independent (direct) Right/Left balanced inputs to the power Amplifier section.
  • No capacitors in the signal path
    Pure silver wire used in the signal path.

All components are hand selected for tolerances of less than 0,1% between the right and left channels.


La Musika Hybrid Amplifier

Frequency response 10 Hz – 60 kHz ± 0,5dB
Output Voltage ± 80 V, max.
Output current 100 Amp, max.
Thermionic Power 2 kW, max.
Distortion at full power < 1,0%,
Output resistance max. 0.2 Ohm.
All balanced In- and Outputs are ground free.