VALVET soulshine 2 MKII Pre amplifier


The valve pre-amp soulshine 2 is based on their successful soulshine model and is VALVET’s new top-of-the-line product. In this pre amp tubes weren’t re-invented but have been used in particularly clever way. Two directly coupled stages in one intelligent circuit – more isn’t needed to convey great feeling. The soulshine provides connections for 4 line inputs. All signal connections inside the housing are made with pure silver PTFE.

The soulshine2 is a complete double mono construction including an external dual mono power supply. It comes with a 48-position mechanical volume switch (with remote control) and a display beside the volume knob to show the position. This display can be dimmed and switched off completely with the full metal remote handset which also provides a „Mute“ function. There is only one capacitor in the signal path: custom made for VALVET Evo silver/gold from MUNDORF.  The feet are a custom made „Pro“ version from bFly-Audio.

The signal runs through two double triodes (ECC802S + ECC99). There is a choice of two outputs plus recording output or three outputs (standard).

No component-overkill, but perfect working conditions for the soulshine. All housing components are made of aluminium, between 2 und 12mm thick. The soulshine shows exceptional detail, plasticity and sound stage. Everything is played on a black/still background. The listener will hear no tube noise but many of the tube virtues. Voices really have body, strings have the right fluidity, and an electric guitar sounds just like it should. Especially the harmony between silence and dynamics captivates the listener right away. The soundstage and „being there feeling“ even betters the excellent soulshine preamp. Please compare with the very best preamps on the market. The s2 is JUST PURE MUSIC!



4 line level inputs (Approx 100K ohms)

2 main outputs (Output impedance approx. 400 ohms.

record out OR 3 main outputs.

Solid silver plated RCA sockets (WBT “NextGen” copper or silver at extra charge.

Neutrik Sockets for input 1and 1 output.


Approx. x 8 – 18dB. Max output voltage > 50V


444 x 306 x 50mm W x D x H.


Completely made of aluminium – black anodised or powder coated


Black or silver anodised (Chrome – extra charge)