Acapella Trilon Excalibre Mk 5


One of the exceptional characteristics of the Triolon Excalibur is an extreme range of dynamcs. Very small amplifiers delivering 15 W / channel are sufficient to achieve an extremely high quality of music-reproduction. 4 very fast bass units per channel have been exactly adapted to the spherical horns concerning their dynamic behaviour.

The position of the horns in relation to each other as well as towards the bass units is exceptional so that the best performance is possible even with the smallest sound surface. This exceptional loudspeaker system can be used in rooms of only 25 m².


Technical data

High range 1 x Ion tweeters
Mid range 1 x 46 cm Horn
Mid-Low range 1 x78 cm Horn
Low range 6 x 26 cm bass drivers
Efficiency >94db/w/m
Impendance 4 ohm
Normal Capacity 200-1000w/10 ms
Load Capacity >1000w/20ms
Load dB >118dB
Frequency response 20Hz~40Khz/+-3.0dB
Crossover Frequencies 300/1000/7000hz
Terminals Two-wire, Tri-wires terminals after special Order
Dimensions H x W x D Total 2160 x 1087 x 950 mm
Woofer 2160 x 350 x 703 mm
Sword 2100 x 387 x 415 mm
Weight approx. 400 kg
Recommended power output of the amplifier from 15 W


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