Shun Mook Spatial Control Quartet


Mpingo Disc Room Acoustic Treatment Devices:

B1. Spatial Control Kit: The Spatial Control Kit consists of nine Mpingo Discs, six of which are mounted (three each) on two L-shaped holders. First the two holders were placed on the floor next to the speakers. Then one disc each on top of each speaker and the remaining disc in the centre on the rear wall. By fine adjustments of these components, you can fine tune the width, depth and centre of the sound stage. The disc on top of each speaker can also tweak the tonal balance of the music.

Shun Mook Spatial Control Quartet – See Manufactures link for details

B2. Spatial Control Quartet: This room acoustic treatment system consist of 32 Mpingo discs arranged on four maple wood stands. By placing the four stands in the listening room one can control the sound staging and tonal balance of the sound system. The width and depth could be adjusted with ease, any deficiencies in the physical condition of the listening room could be corrected. Any irregular shaped rooms could be corrected with a few adjustments to the stands and yet nothing is lost in the process.

Spatial Control Sextet: This is the ultimate room acoustic control system consisting of a total of 44 Mpingo Disc with six maple wood stands. It literally brings the music hall into ones listening room as though the walls have disappeared. The realism is truly uncanny, it gives the illusion of bringing the listener back to the recording session, and you are there.


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