Acapella Spaeron – Excalibur


Developed from the “classic” Sphäron, the new Excalibur represents to a new standard of dimension and variability.  The former Sphäron had to be combined with a 12m² horn unit for transmission of the lowest frequencies but the new Excalibur can now easily be integrated into living rooms having a minimum dimensions of 40m². Two towering pillars with four huge 15 inches woofers for each unit provide the low frequencies.

This loudspeaker system has no limits: even with 15 watts of power, music will be reproduced three-dimensionally, thus giving you the illusion to be a member of audience with the orchestra or the band right in front of you. From the softest, perceptible sounds, these loudspeaker sculptures can accelerate the music like lightning, just as with the acceleration of a formula one racing car.

When the music is soft, the sounds caress your skin. When it changes into a powerful fortissimo, the listener will be swept away to the raptures of musical joy.


Size 230 x 150 x 130 (HxWxD)
Efficiency 100 dB/1W/1m
Long term power handling 100 W continuous; 1000 W peak (10 ms)
Recommended amp power from 15 W sinus/4 Ohm
Weight 620 kg per System
Room size from 40 m²