ZenSati sILENzIO Speaker Cable


Connecting the Music

ZenSati cables impress with their speed and crystal clear signal transfer. Their cables will connect the CD player or turntable with the pre-amplifier, power amplifier and hence to the speakers enabling the music lover to enjoy the music in a way never heard before. So from microphone to speaker ZenSati cables deliver a true musical experience because their cables transfer the signal without obstruction or influence. Every genre, every age, every sound system will benefit from the neutrality of ZenSati cables and connect you to the music.

“When listening matters”

With over 40 years experience in the audio and music fields, Mark Johansen has created a range of breakthrough, world-class audio cables to enhance the listener’s musical enjoyment. Many cables display flagrant disregard for musical rules, the essential natural, realistic qualities of music and too often lost in processing the signal. For example in the rendition of a powerful piano chord, it is absolutely crucial that the notes are not smeared, extended or shortened as a consequence of cable materials and construction.

The silence is intense

You should be able to experience the tonality and relative placement of voices and instruments clearly and without doubt. You should be transported across time and space as an eyewitness to the original musical event. The many facets that the world of music has to offer the ear – refreshing, exciting, enchanting need to be fully intact.

sILENzIO cables introduce no lag, loss or distortion as the delicate audio signal is conveyed from one component to the next.

Achieving this goal is dependent on the cable’s ability to accomplish the greatest amount of neutrality, speed and musicality.



ZenSati sILENzIO speaker cables are available with spade (or 4mm banana termination upon request) in lengths of 1m + in increments of 1/2m.


 Sound Stage Australia review 01/05/2018

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