Shun Mook Record Clamp


The Shun Mook LP Record Clamp

The legendary Shun Mook record Clamp is being made in very limited numbers. It is made from extremely rare pieces of dried ebony briar. The extra heavy century old ebony root that was immersed in the swamps of Africa has a unique power that no other wood possesses. The vibration generated by the diamond stylus in the vinyl groove as well as inducing an electro flux through the phono cartridge also excites the ebony molecules causing it to resonate. This in turn is fed back through the stylus and is reproduced as an expanded sound staging, enhanced separation, sharpened focus and enriched tonal balance of the music. Due to the rareness of the ebony, there is no doubt that this will become a collector’s item in the future.

The Shun Mook LP Record Clamp