Acapella Fidelio 2 Mk3


Acapella Fidelio II MK III

In 1987 Acapella hit upon the idea of developing a small speaker that would cover the complete music spectrum from classics to rock, jazz to pop, without loss of quality. After 15 years of successful production of this recognized standard, the time has come to create its successor.

In developing a new standard, Acapella naturally took into account all the latest technology including what had been developed concerning loudspeaker design, technology and manufacturing. As a result, they were able to extend the transmission range by almost a whole octave in the bass and half an octave at the high frequencies and yet pack the speaker into a smaller enclosure than previously.

The result is a Mini Monitor for music with exact timing and dynamic clarity that astonishes professional musicians and music lovers.

The Acapella Fidelio is admirably suited to the latest stereo and/or Home Theatre systems. Thanks to its small dimensions, it can be integrated into any listening space. The Fidelio is exceptionally versatile; the speakers are infinitely adjustable in height and in spacing from one another. Living or listening rooms not constructed alike but the Fidelio is able to achieve a realistic three-dimensional sound image in any room, whatever the design.

Three-dimensional portrayal of sound is an important step forward and is an important factor and an absolute prerequisite in the quest for natural music reproduction in the home environment.

These requirements are perfectly fulfilled by the Fidelio design technology which makes amazingly simple use of the six audio channels provided for DVD Audio or SACD reproduction. The entire listening area is filled with natural-sounding three-dimensional audio, transporting you straight into the recording studio. And you will discover that the audio world is really is not a flat surface.

The Acapella Fidelio offers a system for natural three-dimensional sound reproduction of music within a three-dimensional sound environment while using only 3 pairs of speakers. An important factor of this new technology, the listener is no longer anchored to a “sweet spot” but enjoys an amazing sense of three-dimensional space with a natural and stable full dimensional sonic portrayal of instruments and vocals from almost all points within (and to some extent even outside)
the area defined by the speaker system.


Dimensions W x H x D = 150 x 320 (355 with Groundplate) x 360 mm
Impedance 8 – 10 Ohm
Efficiency ca. 87 dB


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