Primary Control Reference Tonearm


Personalisation has been taken to the next level.

Primary Control’s Reference tonearm with stabilised uni-pivot tonearm with VTA adjustment on the fly.
In the world of high-end analogue audio, if there is such a thing as a “bespoke tonearm”, the Primary Control Reference Tonearm from The Netherlands fits this description.’ , says Richard H. Mak in TONEAudio Issue 66.

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  • The PrimaryControl Reference Tonearm is a two point bearing design based on a uni-pivot bearing, with a second bearing point for stabilisation during playback and handling.
  • The Reference Tonearm allows VTA adjustment on the fly. The second bearing point functions at the same time as azimuth adjustment device.
  • Anti-skating is realised by a non contact magnetic device which has a non linear characteristic over the radius of the record.
  • Every tonearm is individually balanced to reach lowest mass moment of inertia, thus lowest variation of VTF during playback.


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Effective Length:    220 – 303mm
Overhang divers
Angular Offset divers
Mounting Distance divers
Effective Mass:       9 – 28 gr

Baerwald Alignment
Inner Null:               66.0mm
Outer Null:              122.0mm