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AudioPax (Pax from the Latin: peace or truce) Pre-amplifiers & power amplifiers: Technologies Inc: 1. Timbre Lock®: synergy at your control. 2. IDS®: Ideal Device Simulator. 3. ASTAT®/MPS®: Assymetrical Series - Twin amplifier topology. ____________________________________________________________________ The Maggiore product line: Audiopax has been in the high-end audio market for almost 20 years and achieved global recognition as one of the most innovative and successful brands. This has been due the phenomenal reception of two products: the Model 5 preamplifier and the Model 88 amplifier, both of which have a long history of spectacular reviews, awards and "Best of the Show" from the main reviewers of specialist audio magazines/sites. Since these products achieved such acclaim, it was a great challenge to create even better products, a reference line that could attain a similar reaction from the market. The first product from this new line was presented in 2011 at the Munich High End Show - an amazing 100W tube amplifier working in pure Class A1. This new product line was named “Maggiore”, a term that has not only a strong correlation with the concept of reference (above all other products) but also with their musical roots - being a musical term that designates a major tonality. Despite being presented at that time in a prototype format, the Maggiore M100 amplifier demonstrated results, which completely fulfilled the original design intention. The room was considered as one of the “best of the show” from several specialised sites and as "The Best" from certain sites. The 6Moons' review of that year defined it as the perfect balance between the "tube" and "solid-state" worlds, achieving the best of both technologies. 2015 saw the introduction of two new products for this line: the reference preamplifier Maggiore L50 and the new reference tube amplifier Maggiore M50. Both were presented at the Munich and Newport shows to rave reviews. Just after these events the Maggiore L50 won the second "Blue Moon Award" (the first one was for the Model 88), with great emphasis on the exclusive Timbre Lock® adjustment, which allows easy integration with any system and resulted in it being described as "the guarantee against boredom preamp". Here are some technical highlights for these exciting new products: The Maggiore L50 preamplifier was designed with the same revolutionary topology as the acclaimed Model 5 preamplifier and is the perfect match for the Maggiore single ended tube power amplifiers. Its topology is one more example of the genius of the founder Eduardo de Lima. He created an unusual association between the ultimate in minimalism - using a very short and direct signal path - and a refined and complex control system through the use of unique power supplies. All audio paths go through one circuit stage that uses a single Mosfet active device, working entirely without feedback (as with the entire Maggiore line). This guarantees the absolute integrity of everything, which is played. The controlled polarisation of this device is the key to its performance. Starting with two independent 240VDC power supplies (very unusual for a solid state preamplifier) passing through a circuit that controls the distortion spectrum and is capable of greatly reducing, or even eliminating, the characteristic distortion inherent in loudspeaker drivers. The implementation of their exclusive Timbre Lock® concept makes it an excellent partnering pre-amplifier for any system. A further innovation incorporated within the Maggiore L50 is the use of the ‘inductive load’ principle which, due to the instantaneous current capacity obtained in this configuration (twice that obtained with traditional resistive loads), results in dynamics that can only be described as visceral, and rarely attained by any other preamplifier on the market. The result of so many innovations is a product with extended frequency response, except

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